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If a woman is five feet two inches tall and weighs pounds, do you think she would look at having a size 48 chest as a curse? Maybe if she had trouble getting around with those dancing big tits.

Virginia Bell - Big Busty Kitchen Housewife

Not Virginia Bell. The girl, who later will become the most famous nude star of the world learned not only how to move around gracefully with such generous endowment but also she learned big to nude dance like a superstar. Her titanic tits earned her fame not only on burlesque stages around the United States, but also in vintage B-movies, too. Because Virginia was born inthis buxom darling no doubt had to learn to live with her giant boobs.

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Breast reduction big back in that era was nude girls on full throttle saloon pics the routine procedure that it is today.

And no doubt her hometown of MontroseCalifornia USA also helped with this cutie learning to live with her "gifts". A lovely girl in the Golden State not soaking up all that West Coast sunshine in bathing suits and skimpy tops? Preposterous to even think about! If you have not guessed by know, Virginia Bell's "F" G cup breasts were the item this woman bell that had men clambering to get magazines where she was featured. Each of her tits sat like a big, fleshy orb on her chest, defying gravity virginia give them boobs natural perkiness.

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They were huge, soft, virginia amazingly stretch mark-free. Those nipples on her mountains stood out like two big steel rivets. The areolas were nicely proportioned to the size of her breasts, which means they were huge in and of themselves.

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We can only imagine this busty darling got her nickname - big Dong" - because her tits most likely looked like two church bells swinging around her frame when she was dancing onstage. Virginia even increased her own legend in boobs entertainment virginia combining her favorite sport - volleyball - and her career by playing the game in the buff and letting everyone take in her spectacular bust and figure. It is almost too bad that so many fans bell the burlesque era focus on Virginia Bell's boobs. The rest of her 5 feet 2 inches 1.

When a person takes in the photos of this bombshell standing straight up and posing with her arms bell out for the camera, the entire package is boobs captivating. Her arms and legs were nicely toned and firm. Her rounded, firm ass arched towards the camera lens in her pictures, calling men to boobs in its curvaceous sexiness. This vintage pin-up was not terribly slim but was not plump or chubby in any way either. How would a person describe it?

The big boobs of Virginia Bell in motion (Vintage Cuties)

How about "deliciously proportional"? Or "femininely firm and muscular"? Think in those terms, and you will have an image of this knockout. A woman who looked this good was bound for success in men's entertainment. Of course, being as cute as Virginia Sexy and hot centerfolds nude was, this added to the magnetism of her work. At first blush, virginia gentleman would probably think she had a hint of a wee Irish lass in her, with her fair features, light colored eyes, and long blond hair.

Virginia Bell - Big Busty Kitchen Housewife |

This well-endowed pornstar also had an engaging smile that drew men into the photo images. Her grin was not used to bell lust, but was instead intended to reveal that she really enjoyed appearing nude for men everywhere. The big way to interpret this honey's smile is that she loved what she did, and the famous hot chocolate women nude wanted to share her amazingly sexy body with the world.

Also, she did not wear much make-up in her work.

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Who else would have such confidence except a woman who was both gorgeous and confident in her looks?