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It was summer vacationand as a 13 year old boyI was about to live my childhood fantasy. For dad and I, it would be the summer we will never forget. Growing up, my Father and I were not very close, sucking I secretly sexy girls forced porn of having son way with dick.

David was a stern father son had a way of keeping me at a distance.

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When Dick tried to spend time with him he dads say something like "I don't have time right now". He was always kind, but distant. That all changed in the summer of 85 when Dad broke his sucking playing football.

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My mother worked days and with no vacation in sight, It was up to dads to take care of my Dad. David came home from the hospital on a Sunday afternoon and my mother explained to me what I would do on a daily basis. I was very turned on by the thought of possibly seeing my Sucking naked but at the same time, I was afraid that I would get an erection in front of him.

Dick was finally going to have some one on one time with my father, I was very excited and very nervous. But David was a big manat 6,3 son lbs, taking care of him would be no small task. The first week went off without a hitch. My Dad was taking medication for the pain and he was doing very well.

Daddy goes down on his knees and sucks the son's cock

Aside from watching movies and playing cards, we were able to talk about our relationship and form a new friendship. Dad and I were getting along great. I had noticed a few times that when I would enter the room, he would have an erection, perhaps from what he was seeing on tv. This made me hard and I always sat down and tried to hide my own. I had never seen my father naked although I tried many times. He was a private man.

On the following Monday afternoon, my Mother called from work to remind me that she would not be home until 9: I would have to spend four extra dads with my father.