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Paul Donahoe is not gay, but he knew he was stripping down for a gay audience when he posed for photos on Fratmen. TV, an adult website that purports to showcase real donahoe guys. Donahoe was kicked off campus, but he did have to donate his Fratmen. TV earnings to a nonprofit. But what he really wanted to do was wrestle again.

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And it makes sense: Donahoe was a national champion in his pound weight class in So he was forced to transfer schools, lost class credit, delay his graduation, euro sex hd of course, suffer public humiliation. After sitting out a semester and transferring to Edinboro University, 5-foot-5 Donahoe is now wrestling again.

Who should I apologize to? If a guy wants to be with a guy, who cares? TV photoshoot was pure solo fare. His new school seems to be backing him more than Nebraska ever did: To me the graduation is more important than the title. So is there a double standard here? Is a college athlete stripping down for an adult site that terrible? The link between the Fratmen. Since masturbation the news, the site has been all but stagnant.


What a bunch of assholes. Stories like this infuriate me. I hate that people feel the need to judge and punish other people. I hope Paul continues to do well and that Kenny is okay. I dont understand why this kid was kicked off the wrestling team. He didnt pose under his own name or advertise the fact that he was a wrestler for Nebraska, so how was he commercializing himself? He had a job—same as if he was flipping burgers or selling clothes at the Gap.

Now if the NCAA has some sort of b.

Nude photos of Michigan man gets him dismissed from team -

Sadly, even if he got reinstated, i think his teammates and paul would still give him images. I donahoe think he should feel humiliated, since he didnt do anything illegal or immoral.

Images didnt even have sex—just displayed his nude body.

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We can, in no way, receive compensation masturbation the use of our images. The rule is intended to draw a clear line between amateur and professional athletes, but it clearly applies here.

I know from personal experience that schools across the country addressed this issue specifically in their fall meetings. Congrats to Donohoe — and an aside: The squirt pporn advertised that they were college wrestlers.

Wrestler Paul Donahoe's nude photos cost him a college career at Nebraska

They were hired with such promotions in mind. They were paid. I think that pretty explicitly falls into the category of promoting themselves for commercial gain. I have a few friends who play NCAA basketball and this rule is common knowledge. These guys deserved to get kicked off their wrestling team. And if the wrestling team was paying for them to be at their school, a violation of those rules which they knew is a slap in the face to the people who paul their educations. Spot on Mike, when the real truth comes out, its usually ignored, rules are rules, and, if broken, you have to deal with the consquences.

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Good for him! He flies in the face of homophobic shame, loud and proud, and he is straight too! This guy clearly knows the difference between sexuality and gender.