Pantie hose fetish


A pantyhose fetish is a type of underwear fetish. People with a pantyhose fetish commonly become sexually aroused through wearing pantyhose, watching other people wear pantyhose, or both. They may also become aroused by watching someone put on or remove pantyhose.

A pantyhose fetish is also sometimes known as a tights fetish, as tights is the British term for pantyhose.

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Pantyhose fetishists often express preferences for pantie styles of pantyhose and clothes worn with pantyhose, such as skirts, uniforms, or types of footwear. A pantyhose fetish is more common amongst modern men than a stocking fetish, perhaps because pantyhose are in direct contact with female genitals. Pantyhose are also fetishized because they make the legs appear "perfect" by removing blemishes and cellulite.

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They cover the legs, but are sheer and thus do not disguise them completely. When a woman wears pantyhose, her shoes are also easier to slide off, and this may be appealing to people with shoe and foot fetishes. A pantyhose fetishist may also become aroused by viewing people wearing pantyhose in printed materials or online. They may enjoy wearing pantyhose during sexual activity, or using them as bondage restraints.

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Even the act of purchasing pantyhose can prove arousing for some. A man fetish a pantyhose fetish may also enjoy wearing pantyhose while on his own or hose the company of others.

This is a mild form of transvestism, although some men who only wear pantyhose reject the label of transvestite. A pantyhose fetish generally manifests during childhood, and grows throughout adolescence and adulthood. Hose many fetishes, pantyhose fetish is not generally considered a pantie.

However, it may be considered a paraphilia if it causes distress or otherwise interrupts betty page girl nude life fetish the fetishist or those he or she interacts with.

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Pantyhose Fetish Share this: Definition - What does Pantyhose Fetish mean? A person with a pantyhose fetish is known as a pantyhose fetishist. New Toy to Know: Kinkly explains Pantyhose Fetish Pantyhose fetishists often express preferences for different styles of pantyhose and clothes worn with pantyhose, such as skirts, uniforms, or types of footwear.