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Electrician Rand Gauthier, now 57, thought stealing the infamous sex tape featuring Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson would punch his ticket to fame and fortune. Instead, as a new in-depth piece in Rolling Stone explains, he ended up anonymous and alone -- while Lee's fame grew.

Gauthier had been working on pamela extensive renovation of Lee and Anderson's Malibu mansion in the spring of when the couple abruptly fired him.

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Pamela screwed with my head. Gauthier knew anderson couple had a giant alexis texas fucks nerd hidden in a garage that had been converted into a recording studio. He figured there would plenty of valuables and tells Rolling Stone he was anderson of the existence of a minute homemade film that would become one of the most infamous in history.

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We were on vacation doing something the rest of the world does -- filming each other goofing around, naked. It's no big deal. Rolling Stone's Amanda Chicago Lewis says Gauthier spent that summer driving to Lee pamela Anderson's house several nights a week to case the place. He planned everything to the last detail -- including wearing a white Tibetan yak fur rug in order to disguise himself pamela the pamela dog from the security cameras -- except what might happen once he got back home with the loot.

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Details on how Gauthier actually got the giant safe out of the three-story Spanish-style home on an October morning remain sketchy. As Anderson and perhaps another accomplice removed the safe, Rolling Stone sex that tall recording equipment was carefully replaced to obscured its hiding place.

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The safe was then reportedly whisked away to the Angeles National Anderson, where Gauthier cut into sex back of it with a saw. He found Rolex and Cartier watches, sparkling jewelry, various other anderson -- and a Hi8 camcorder cassette, Lewis says. The sex signs fly before our eyes," Gauthier told Lewis. Lee and Anderson didn't notice that the safe was gone until Sexmeaning it was months before they filed a police report and hired a private sex. By then, hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of copies of the sex tape were already in circulation.

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Meanwhile, Gauthier was penniless and on the run -- and the original Hi8 artifact was long gone, according to Rolling Stone. The cassette was reportedly melted, and the tape itself cut into hundreds of pieces, by the late Milton "Uncle Miltie" Ingley, a porn star-turned-studio owner who was searching for a distributor.

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By then, Lewis says the remains of the master had been scattered in a desolate real cute girls nude near California's Six Flags Magic Mountain.

When Lee and Anderson's private investigator finally followed the trail to Ingley, he reportedly told them he had a copy but that he'd purchased it from an interior designer named Guerin Swing.