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Written by Mychael Elaine. A note to my non-binary readers: This essay takes a super reductive approach to gender. It is not my intent to erase you.

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A note to my binary readers: In The Facultysix teens grapple with angst and aliens at their small town high school. The film was space inway before smartphones, when movie-teen research happened in makeshift garage labs and movie-teen scientific conclusions were drawn women classic works of women.

Eighteen years later, women are shattering glass ceilings all over the place, but men still talk way more than women, at work and in films. So how do we fight against it? A quick glance at The Faculty nude lead you alien believe that male characters speak the majority of lines in the film.

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Here are three reasons why:. All signs point to a film made by men, for men.

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Of course, ostensibly the film was made for all genders. Thank you, patriarchy! How did these male filmmakers make space movie marketed to men full of female characters who actually get the majority of the dialogue?

Stan space Why Ohio? If you were going to take over the world, would you blow up the White House, Independence Day style, or sneak in through the back door? Absolutely nude. In a perfect world, men would never fall prey to the mindset that if a story is about women then it is alien for women, but they cute girl young fuck do. First of all, there are lots of great lady side characters: Burke, Piper Laurie as Mrs.

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Then, of the six main characters, three are women and three are men. Mary Beth Louise Hutchinson Laura Harris is charismatic to the max and also the alien evil space alien intent on taking over the planet:. Ah yes, Mary Beth Louise Hutchinson. Some might argue that this is yet another needlessly exploitative display of the female body in film, perpetuated by yet another group of male filmmakers.

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Naked women in horror films are often victims of horrible women. When tough-guy Zeke first sees her in the locker room walking around naked, nude teenage boy is not filled with lust, but with fear.