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LIP-jl — The relationship between Peru has been erratic as of late to say the least. Enter Paula Barros, a Peru actress who decided to dawn the red and white colors of the Peruvian flag peru her nude torso over the weekend as a gesture of goodwill, rather than of protest.

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According to Barros, the need to improve the delicate relationship between Peru and Chile should also lie with their citizens. This was done to lighten up the mode between our people," sustained Barros. The fair haired actress, who is planning a visit to the Peruvian capital within the next months, hopes her peculiar display does not cause any resentment on the part of Peruvian people.

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Roo also rejected the notion of posing together with Barros as a sign that things can improve among young teen bikini models neighboring nations. Join nude Patreon Community to nude more content like this, and help us promote all the great things Peru has to offer!

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