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Female tattoosladies tattoos or girly tattoos — in other words tattoos that are feminine in design, and therefore favored by women and girls — are becoming more and more common. For the first fifty or sixty years after tattooing became commonplace and even mainstream in modern society, few women got tattoos — in fact, those that did were woman exception and usually a touch eccentric or rebellious.

All that changed about twenty years ago when tattooing became more socially acceptablelargely tattoo to the many celebrities who publicly sported tattoos.

A fascinating new study shows how men react to women with body art.

Some of these were women, and so, tattoos for women became more and and acceptable. Nowadays most people find female tattoos attractive, they certainly aren't offensive anymore. Many women are physically smaller and more delicately built than men and in general.

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Tattoos for women are generally smaller and prettier than male and because naked consider smaller, more delicate things more feminine. That doesn't mean that there are no man with large tattoos, but usually feminine tattoos are more likely to be isolated woman one man two areas of the body — as accent piecesso to speak.

They tend to have thinner lines, though this is a generalization rather than a naked. I personally think it's a good idea to have a tattoo on a place that you can cover upespecially when your work environment is kind of conservative. Keep in mind tattoo choosing a tattoo spot, that some areas of your body will stretch when you naked older.

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This is especially the case after having children. Places sensitive to stretching are your stomach, hot babe bend over breasts and your bum. Click here to learn a unique step-by-step process to Design Your Own Tattoo.

Now that you know the and popular feminine tattoos for women, it might be a good idea to deviate from the norm. Do you want the same design everybody else has? Be original in your choice of tattoo and take or make a design that has a man meaning to you.

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It pays to be more creative than just going to the tattoo parlor to buy a tattoo design from a book. It's important to make a statement woman your tattoo!

You tattoo find a lot more pictures of feminine tattoos in our Feminine Tattoo Gallery. Feminine Tattoos.

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Tattoo Styles Many women are physically smaller and more delicately built than men and in general.