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It was the late shift, Only VIP's went in.

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In was very easy, I mostly the towel boy and helper. Wasn't really the trainer or beef cake. Muscle goddessheather 5 - Bunny Glamazon By lilguy brownguy yahoo.

He was a man she met on the net, young, black and completely devoted to the tall Amazon. Bunny was 6. I had met Dawn Whitman at a Muscle Expo.

She had been my favorite body builder.

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She was a great mixture of muscle and sexuality. He was shivering with fear and pain. His penis stretches out from hours with a penis com each day. Whips market covered his body and a tattoo that said "Goddess Heather" was com his ass.

Tears ran down the young black man eyes as he dangled in the air. The were a drain under fani sex xxx that watch away any fluids.

His cock rocked hard and body shaking also with lust from the goddess before him Goddessheather Heather stood there naked accept for her boots and silk gloves. She wore shades and had her hair cut short. Her blond hair now looked spiky. Every com seems to glisten with power and she started at him and seems to start right through him. She cracked a whip across the floor. The sound made a loud crack.

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Her huge breast stuck out with pride and defied gravity. Her nipples rock hard like two knives. She looked like she could snap him like a twig.

She walked up to him and grabbed his hair so he could face him.

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For years you talk to me on the net and talked about this was your fantasy and porn erotic massage teen moment I give you just a little pain you cry like goddessheather baby" She said "I so.

The moment that I give a little pain you cry like a little baby. Then you also told me on the net on how you with fuck me with big black cock of yours but then you screaming for your mommy after I squeezed every last drop from you. You lucky I still had my strap on to keep myself busy.

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And you scream against that. Com think some wittle little slave didn't goddessheather his limit did he" She squeezed his ass and patted his head.