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What turns women on? This question has baffled men for ages. A groomed beard, a generous penis size, or a sexy cologne are all tried and true, but science has found something else that sexually bisexual women — other women. Women's sexual preferences tend to be a gray area.

Women are never straight - they are either gay or bisexual, study suggests | The Independent

A study from Boise State University found 60 percent of heterosexual women admitted to being attracted to other women, while 45 percent had kissed another woman. Fifty women of those participants also reported same-sex sexual fantasies. Based on these results. In turn, this presents an opportunity for intimacy or even romantic feelings to develop.

Although previous research has shown women are sexually aroused by both sexes at varying degrees, the differences in arousal bed straight and gay women has been overlooked.

This is the fascinating reason women have evolved to become bisexual – The Sun

Which is where this study comes in. To clearly define the differences in the physiological sexual responses of straight and gay women, Rieger and his colleagues used eye tracking devices on over women who were shown videos of both naked men and women. The devices were used to capture pupil dilation bed lack thereof in response to the sexual sexy round ass fuck. The findings revealed straight women were strongly sexually aroused by videos of both attractive men and women, even naked they chose men as their sexual preference.

This was in stark contrast to lesbian women who showed much stronger sexual responses to their preferred sex — women. Prior naked the study, the researchers theorized since lesbians can be more masculine in their non-sexual behaviors like the way they dressthey are also more likely to be masculine in their sexual responses. However, Rieger and his colleagues did not find supporting evidence to prove masculine-behaving lesbians always exhibited male-typical sexual arousal patterns.

This suggests how women appear in public does not say anything about their sexual role preferences.

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Rieger, in the press release. The truth is straight women, not just lesbians, ogle at beautiful women. For straight women, these sexual fantasies and feelings of intimacy and romance with another woman may bisexual projected onto their porn viewing habits. This highlights women are watching more porn than we might expect.

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Remember, these findings should not be generalized because not all women have same-sex fantasies. Rather female sexual desire is a complex subject and unique to each and every woman. Rieger G, et al. Getting in touch women our female sexuality. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Journal of Sex Research.

What It's Really Like to Be a Bisexual Woman

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