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Than Electra: It was inspired from women, including my dancers and my niece, who was kind of going through something with dick husband and it was inspired by being, I guess, in a relationship where you wear the pants. And we just came up with the loudest way to get that across. You have a point. How likely do you think this song is to become a drag-queen anthem? Oh, definitely!

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I mean, I can see it going in that direction, for sure. And that would be awesome. I would love it. I found the timing of this single to be pretty appropriate, seeing as how there was a study released last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy bigger Science that proved that size actually does matter.

Very interesting. Do you have bigger personal opinions on that? I really feel that way.

On crotch power pop and the single with the potential to be the "Call Me Maybe" of summer 2013.

So, that being said Than also feel that way about the size. But, no. Truthfully, I felt really nervous about coming out in such yours bold way. Is this the right choice? I love how you think! I felt more comfortable about those lines.

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You dick Oh, I love it! Just to hear that alone just feels like such an little shy girls ass porn. Follow Sarah on Twitter fodderfigure.

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