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Routing and their Configuration

IP routing is the process of moving packets from one network to another network using routers. Once all routers know about all networks, a routed protocol can be used to send user data (packets) through the established enterprise. Routed protocols… Continue Reading →


VLAN On Cisco switches, all interfaces belong to VLAN 1 by default. VLAN 1 is also considered the Management VLAN, and should be dedicated for system traffic such as CDP, STP, VTP, and DTP. Advantages of VLANs VLANs provide the… Continue Reading →


Before you can manage SW1 remotely from PC1, you need to assign the switch IP address. By default you give Switch IP address in management vlan 1. So for security reason you need to change management vlan1 to other vlan number. Write… Continue Reading →

Managing CISCO device

Cisco device Switch uses four forwarding method:- Store and forward switching (data store in buffer and check error, so it is slow but it is very reliable) Cut through switching (No error checking so it is fastest) Fragment free switching (error… Continue Reading →


Ethernet – Ethernet is the most widely used local area network (LAN) technology. Ethernet is a link layer protocol in the TCP/IP stack, It was first implemented by a group called DIX (Digital, Intel, and Xerox). They created and implemented… Continue Reading →


Concept of OSI(Open standard interconnection) – Process of communication between two nodes in a network can be divided into seven layers. Between users, flow of data flow down through the layers in the source computer, and goes UP in the receiving… Continue Reading →


Subnetting Tricks and Tips with concepts. Question and Answer regarding Subnetting concepts. Q.1 – What is the maximum number of IP addresses that can be assigned to hosts on a local subnet that uses the subnet mask? Ans. Remember… Continue Reading →

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